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JP,JS & JK Marine Water Outlet Manifold 013-13886 or 012-13470_28

Produced by Marine Power Services these water outlet manifolds are British manufactured from S.G. Cast Iron and are a direct pattern replacement for the originals. These manifolds will fit Lister JP,JS & JK models.

This item can also be supplied as part of a marine manifold kit to correctly convert an industrial engine for marine use.

2 Cylinder

2 Cylinder Available to Order - Please CONTACT US

Lister Part No. 013-13886 or 13-13-886

3 Cylinder

3 Cylinder (Coming Soon - Awaiting Pattern Production)

Lister Part No. 012-13470 or 12-13-470

Part Numbers Shown for Reference Only (Non Genuine Part)

£249.99 each

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